The care taken when manufacturing our femoral stems enables an adaptation to the anatomy of the prosthetic joint and the femoral morphology of the operated patient for the surgeon’s and the patient’s convenience.


The TROKADERO® range implants are based on concepts deriving from known and recognised mechanical principles in order to offer surgeons and patients a simple and optimal solution, having demonstrated its reliability with more than 35 years clinical experience.


The MISTRAL® acetabular cup ensures an impaction with press-fit. The primary stability is due to the progressive equatorial press-fit macrostructure.

Range of products:
  • Cup with friction torque ceramic/ceramic, ceramic/PE or stainless/PE
  • Ceramic heads Ø28, Ø32 and Ø36mm
  • Stainless heads Ø28mm and Ø32mm
  • 9 sizes from 46mm to 62mm
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The MERCURY® prostheses range consists of acetabular cups with double mobility liners designed to replace the natural hip joint on first intention or during revision surgery. Medialisation of cup center to allow an automatic recentring of the insert.

Range of products:
  • 3 models (two cementless and one cemented)
  • Until 12 sizes (depending on the models)
  • Inox heads Ø22.2mm and Ø28mm


The femoral heads

X.NOV offers a wide choice of femoral heads:

  • Stainless steel head Ø22,2 mm
  • Stainless steel head Ø28 mm
  • BIOLOX®delta head Ø28 mm
  • BIOLOX®delta head Ø32 mm
  • BIOLOX®delta head Ø36 mm
  • BIOLOX®delta head Ø40 mm

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